This is a premium coaching package including an initial 50 minutes individual session and thereafter, unlimited 20 minutes laser coaching calls valid for 1 year. Laser coaching sessions are 20 minutes long or less. 1 session per day is included. Each booking requires 24 hours notice and it depends on mutual availability.

Laser coaching sessions are short, to the point and solve the challenge on the spot. These sessions don’t often reach a deep level of conversations, yet, still enough to pierce the root problem and set up the next action plan. It is not the best fit for everyone. It is for busy people juggling multiple tasks who:

  • want to get to the point fast,
  • want to see results straight away and not wait for 3-6 months,
  • can take straightforward conversations and accept the hard truth,
  • and for those who prefer taking actions rather than having lengthy conversations.

The laser calls focus on:

  • specific tasks and solutions,
  • provide clarification,
  • brainstorm on ideas,
  • help to get along when stuck,
  • increase opportunities,
  • identify and remove obstacles,
  • enable to have a faster progression and
  • provide better accountability.

To determine whether laser coaching calls are suitable for you, you may book a Chemistry Session.


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