Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone and everyone wishing to discover the deepest insight of themselves. People spend so much time learning about maths, history, geography, literature and many other subjects but they never really have a chance to learn about themselves and who they really are.​ Coaching is effective for any profession, age, ability, interest, let it be a leader, a student, a parent, a musician, an athlete, a teacher or any other category. For coaching there is only 1 category: the person.


Coaching is for people who are:

  • Ready to take on responsibility for their lives and work on their goals.
  • Dare to face their strengths and weaknesses and use the knowledge to their advantages.
  • Want to improve their current state, wherever they are in life, let it be relationship, career, education, finance, life purpose, family, personal and professional development topics.
  • Want to maximise their performance by unlocking their potential.
  • Curious to find out their patterns, habits, beliefs and willing to modify them to their advantages.
  • Don’t know where they are in life but want to figure out where to go.
  • Don’t have specific goals but are eager to do something better with their lives.
  • Don’t know how to achieve their goals.
  • Need an accountability partner and willing to take on observations and reflections.
  • Looking for ways to overcome obstacles, improve skill sets, clarify and make difficult decisions.
  • Learn how to prioritise and what is important in life.
  • Want to develop deep self-awareness, self-confidence and self-knowledge.
  • Looking to improve communication skills and increase productivity.
  • Want to improve work-life balance