How do I select the best coach?

Let me congratulate you for having an interest in coaching! I am sure your actions will lead to a fruitful future. But how to start the process? Well, firstly, educate yourself on what coaching really is and how it can benefit your life. Secondly, you need to select the best coach possible for yourself.

Nowadays coaching is a fashion and many so called coaches out there marketing themselves as the best service possible to solve all your problems. Without actually knowing what coaching is about and caring about finding out the real “why” and “who”, they are charging a great amount of money and often causing more problems than solving them. I don’t want you to have an unpleasant experience and then pull away from coaching forever without truly knowing how amazing it is. Therefore I would like to offer you some tips on selecting the best coach for yourself.

  • Since the coaching sessions are based on trust and require you to truly open up to the coach to achieve the best results, it is extremely important that the coach and you have a mutual natural connection. When you feel you are able to trust the coach and you feel safe being vulnerable, then it is a match. Just trust your instincts.
  • Choose a coach who’s personality and approach matches your style, who understands you and your problems, who cares about finding out the reasons and wants to dig deeper so can really get to know you. Your learning style, perceptions and personal being needs to be respected and the coach provides support to new behaviours and actions.
  • The coach follows the coaching ethic. It is important that the coach understands the difference between coaching and other professions and is ready to refer you to other supports when needed. Sessions are also confidential and breaching this point is a serious hazard.
  • The coach allows you to select the topic you want to work towards and guides you towards reaching your goal. You and only you can decide what is best for yourself and it should be respected at all times. A coach should never frame you, tell you what to do without your permission and lead you into outcomes that you are not truly aligned with.
  • Clearing out all the guidelines and specific parameters before the session starts is important so you both know what can or can not happen in the session. All questions must be answered and don’t let yourself be in the dark. E.g. prices, frequency of meetings, ways of communication.
  • Look for the coaching presence: listens to you, remembers the phrases and words you have used, keeps eye contact, asks powerful and relevant questions, ready to be not knowing, takes risks and shifts perspectives so the session creates new possibilities and manages his/her own emotional state.
  • The coach asks open ended questions that are moving you towards your agenda and not his/her line of thinking. The coach also expresses insights that are relevant, important and useful for you.
  • The coach identifies ways for ongoing learning and pairs with you to create the most effective actions that lead you to your desired results. These ideas and solutions promote self-discovery and identify capabilities for further growth. Goals and plans mean nothing without accountability for the actions and the coach supports you by leaving you to take the responsibility.
  • Do your research before you agree with a certain coach: look for testimonials, references, experiences and qualifications. Don’t let yourself be tricked by fancy sales pitches and professional photos.
  • Look for professional coaching bodies the person is associated with (e.g. International Coaching Federation; Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision; Association for Coaching; European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and see if the person is a registered member or has any credentials.

You may verify if the coach has the said qualifications/credentials. For International Coaching Federation credentials you may verify the coach HERE

Good luck in your search! I can reassure you, you are on the right path to make your life better and brighter.

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