How does coaching help you?

Coaching is not behaviour modification. It is internal changes and deep inner work. Coaching is designed to overcome barriers and support performance. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed method studies have been demonstrated that coaching is effective on well-being, goal attainment, behaviour changes and performance.

People often mix their personal situation with their external challenges however they don’t realise that by working on themselves can help overcome their challenges. Also it is important to note that not all circumstances are challenges and even if they are, every challenge can be turned into opportunities.

A coach targets who you really are, what your beliefs, philosophy, habits, patterns, barriers, opportunities, perspectives are and where they are coming from. A coach aims for your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This is the deepest and most personal approach for your development. Coaching takes you through your questions that you always have at the back of your mind: “what”, “why”, “how” and “who” you really are. Once you have your answers, then we see if you are still aiming to achieve your goals or if they have been changed along the way. Very often the problem is not the real problem and until you know the unknown that are in your blind spots, you will not solve the root issues. Instead of going around in a circle, procrastinating, hesitating, coaching pins down the very personal, hidden challenges and encourages you to take effective actions.

Coaching is personal and tailored to your exact needs. A coach does not give advice, share own life experiences, dig into your past or teach you content. Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It provokes your thoughts so you think through your challenges for yourself. This method may be slower than other forms of support, such as counseling or therapy, however since the answer comes from within, it is perfectly aligned with yourself and therefore results in a long term solution. When you figure out the exact root problem, a ripple effect is created and everything from there is straight forward. After an effective period with a coach, you will be able to think for yourself and no longer require further coaching  sessions in that particular topic. Eventually you will be able to self-coach yourself and the result is a happier and more confident individual who’s learning goes beyond the coaching sessions.

Coaching works on:

    • Skills (have and learnt competencies)
    • State (mood and presence – emotional, mental and psychological)
    • Scale (ability to progress, spectrum of development)