Prices and Packages

Not a fee, more of an investment in yourself.

Your first challenge is here as I am giving you a great variety of choices below. Why? Because I believe that we always have choices in life and why not in coaching? All coaching packages are tailored to your needs and follow similar structure however, so do not worry. Only the length of commitment and the additional services differ. Well, if you know what you want, go ahead and make your selection.

If you are not sure what to choose, then stop here and head straight to the Chemistry Session. During our call I will help you select the most suitable package for you.

See you very soon!

The Structure of 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Coaching is a managed conversation between two people or a group of people.
  • The conversation’s ratio is you talk 75%, I talk 25%, more-less.
  • The session has a dynamic of a series of questions to you and answers from you. I do not give advice, share my own experience, dig into your past or teach you content. I purely listen to your answers, I pick up key words, I identify habits, beliefs, patterns and I give observations that can direct you towards reaching your goal.
  • Since I am NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trained and a qualified psychologist as well as highly trained in coaching, I often apply methodologies and strategies to observe, filter and perceive information through all my senses, including my intuition. I use perceptual positioning and re-imprinting, detect involuntary signals, follow your logical level and spot linguistic presuppositions.

What is Coaching?

The word “coach” is thought to have originated from a Hungarian town, Koc in the 15th centuries. People in this town built light, fast carriages to transport people, called “kocsi”. These carriages became popular in Europe and the English word “coach” came into use in the 16th centuries.

Since then “coaching” is identified as a term used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. Coaching focuses on either an individual or a group of people. The term is mostly associated with sports coaching however it is widely used for other areas as well, such as academic, business, relationships, personal and professional development and beyond. The concept originally emerged from the Human Potential Movement in the 1960s. This movement promoted that people want to achieve their full potential and focused on how to improve performance. The concept of the “inner game” came into light in the 1970s that promoted the human’s internal thoughts, fears, desires, mindset and self-belief was just as important as the external factors, such as knowledge, skills and competencies. Since then, a number of professions and methodologies have crossed line with it, such as consulting, training, therapy, psychology, mentoring; and have been influenced by linguistics, sociology and anthropology.

How does Coaching help you?

Coaching is not behaviour modification. It is internal changes and deep inner work. Coaching is designed to overcome barriers and support performance. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed method studies have been demonstrated that coaching is effective on well-being, goal attainment, behaviour changes and performance.

People often mix their personal situation with their external challenges however they don’t realise that by working on themselves can help overcome their challenges. Also it is important to note that not all circumstances are challenges and even if they are, every challenge can be turned into opportunities.

A coach targets who you really are, what your beliefs, philosophy, habits, patterns, barriers, opportunities, perspectives are and where they are coming from. A coach aims for your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This is the deepest and most personal approach for your development. Coaching takes you through your questions that you always have at the back of your mind: “what”, “why”, “how” and “who” you really are. Once you have your answers, then we see if you are still aiming to achieve your goals or if they have been changed along the way. Very often the problem is not the real problem and until you know the unknown that are in your blind spots, you will not solve the root issues. Instead of going around in a circle, procrastinating, hesitating, coaching pins down the very personal, hidden challenges and encourages you to take effective actions.

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone and everyone wishing to discover the deepest insight of themselves. People spend so much time learning about maths, history, geography, literature and many other subjects but they never really have a chance to learn about themselves and who they really are.​ Coaching is effective for any profession, age, ability, interest, let it be a leader, a student, a parent, a musician, an athlete, a teacher or any other category. For coaching there is only 1 category: the person.

How is Coaching different?

There are countless occupations available nowadays offering services to customers in need. Many of them are very close to each other, just like cousins, but others are totally different by nature. But which one is which and how to see clearly between all of them?

While training is transferring knowledge, coaching is about enhancing the skills. Coaching does not teach you directly, a coach does not provide materials during the sessions. A coach might support your learning with certain documents however those are specialised and not designed to help everyone the same way. Coaching is less formal and less structured. It is also a two way communication between parties. Coaching is individualised, mostly used in one-on-one settings, however it can be used in certain group meetings too.

How do I select the best coach?

Let me congratulate you for having an interest in coaching! I am sure your actions will lead to a fruitful future. But how to start the process? Well, firstly, educate yourself on what coaching really is and how it can benefit your life. Secondly, you need to select the best coach possible for yourself.

Nowadays coaching is a fashion and many so called coaches out there marketing themselves as the best service possible to solve all your problems. Without actually knowing what coaching is about and caring about finding out the real “why” and “who”, they are charging a great amount of money and often causing more problems than solving them. I don’t want you to have an unpleasant experience and then pull away from coaching forever without truly knowing how amazing it is. Therefore I would like to offer you some tips on selecting the best coach for yourself.

What is NLP?

Decision-Shops are 60 minutes workshops running once a month, in 2 different times to accommodate the wide variety of time zones. The event is open for global participants so you will meet people interested in the same topic from all over the world! How exciting!

The topic is different each time and mostly covers decision related areas, such as indecisiveness, fear of making the wrong decision, courage to make decisions, confidence, influenced by others, habits, routines, etc. During the Decision-Shop you will be able to select from the poll what you would like to be covered next month!

Homework is given after each Decision-Shop, something that when completed, gives you clarity, value and moves you forward. Additionally, you may join our Private Facebook Group where you can continue networking with like-minded people; share your homework and your progress if you wish; discuss pressing topics with your fellow decision makers; join Q&A sessions, get notified about fun, social events; and of course, hear about the next upcoming Decision-Shop.