ICF Coaching Credential

International Coaching Federation – PCC (Professional Certified Coach) – click on the icon below to know more:

Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Mentor Coach - ICF - Coaching Changes Lives, Singapore - 6 months programme
  • Certified Team Leadership Performance Coach – ICF – Coaching Changes Lives, Singapore – 70 hours of training
  • NLP Practitioner – Transformative NLP Coaching Certification – ICF – Coaching Changes Lives, Singapore, 300 hours of training
  • Certified Mastery in Coaching – ICF – Coaching Changes Lives, Singapore, 70 hours of training

Business Qualifications

  • Business Academy, Wealth Dragons, London, UK
  • 1 year business training and mentorship programme. Included:
    • Business Accelerator - From an idea to a great business (build strong foundations, find investors, pitch, niche, perfect business plan, money management, choose products/services, franchising, marketing, sales, time management, systematisation, HR systems, leadership)
    • Message to Millions - How to tell about your business to millions (value proposition, price psychology and strategies, find clients, branding, social media marketing strategies, product staircase - sales)
    • Technopreneur - Entrepreneurs in the digital world (formation, team selection, retention, taking actions, business model, referrals, startups, product-market fit, validation, growth, fundraising, funnels)
    • Deal Maker Intensive - Property training (finding deals, finances, marketing, dual diligence, strategies on how to monetise properties, traffic and conversion, negotiation)
    • Forex - Invest in trading (get started, strategies, time frames, failing psychology, risk taking)

Professional Qualifications

  • Psychology - The Science of Well-Being, The Yale, New Haven, USA
  • Sports Management (MA), London, UK
  • Child Psychology, (AS), EDI, London, UK
  • A Teacher of Biology and Physical Education (BA), Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

Esoteric Qualifications

  • The Master of Alchemy, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK
  • Soul Reading, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK
  • Clairvoyance, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK
  • Tarot Reading, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK
  • Healing Master, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK
  • Reiki Master, AKIA Philosophy, London, UK

Other Qualifications

British Gymnastics Club Management * British Gymnastics Mentor * How to Coach Disabled People in Sport * Effective Communication Skills for including Deaf People in Sport * Maximising Team Performance * Conflict Management and Personal Safety * CoreHR Training * Sales Training (GLL) * Safeguarding Children Course * Equality and Diversity * Health, Safety Hazards, Security and Welfare in Active Leisure * First Aid at Work * Floor and Vault Judge * Trampoline Judge * Women's Artistic Judge * British Gymnastics(BG) L3 General Gymnastics Coach (GfA) * UKCC L3 Freestyle Gymnastics Coach * UKCC L2 Pre School Gymnastics Coach * UKCC L1 Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach * UKCC Trampoline Gymnastics Coach *

Do Coaches Need Qualifications?

No and yes.

No: coaches do not necessarily need to be qualified as having a powerful and meaningful coaching session doesn’t require a piece of paper confirming their knowledge. As long as you can achieve your desired goal, you may trust a coach without an official qualification.


Yes: since coaching is now a fashion, anyone can decide and call themselves a coach from tomorrow. Without actually knowing how to do it efficiently and professionally, they might cause more harm than good. Also while calling themselves experts, they actually advise you to do things, complete therapy on you, mentor you and sell their products and services. All might be done with the best intention causing no harm. However, this behaviour waters down the real purpose of coaching and the fact that coaching is purely done to challenge and bring the best out of the client without influencing or affecting their thoughts, feelings or personalities.


Therefore, it is recommended that you look for a coach with relevant qualifications where the strategies, techniques, methods, but most importantly the philosophy of coaching is mastered by the coach that enables him/her to always put you, the client first. Be careful though! Certain organisations qualify individuals in speedy weekend courses that contain minimal theory and certainty zero to no practical sessions. These courses are the most dangerous ones as they create an illusion to the participants and reflect false knowledge to the clients. When searching for legit qualifications, please look for internationally recognised organisations where the course includes a number of practical as well as theory sessions.


For your information, at ICF, the minimum course length is 60 hours and to be certified, the participants must coach at least 100 logged hours, complete practical and written exams and also be mentored at least 13 hours by higher qualified mentor coaches. The process can take anywhere from 4 months to 2 years, depending on the coach’s commitment.

Lack of Regulations

It is a hot topic whether coaches need qualifications or not. Some stand for yes, some others say no. And everyone is right. Since coaching has such a controversial background and still no regulations for the industry, only you, the client, can decide whether you choose a coach who holds related qualifications or you commit to someone without credentials. The results and the experience may vary. So, it is best if you do your due-diligence both on the industry and the coach him/herself before taking on the service.

BE AWARE! Individuals select coaching as a profession for several reasons: it has a future as an industry; coaches can charge a large amount per hour; does not require to be qualified so it is easy to start a business; enjoy interacting with people; want to make a difference in people’s life; etc. An overwhelming interest in the last 20 years resulted in many hundreds of coaching organisations delivering training for someone wanting to become a coach. These training range from a one day online short course to postgraduate level qualifications. The price of these courses also vary, starting from as little as $7.00. On top of the qualifications, there are no requirements for having any kind of experience in coaching, so literally anyone can decide from one day to another to become a coach. And it is just as easy as that. Luckily, as the industry is fast developing, there are a number of professional coaching associations (e.g., International Coaching Federation; Association for Coaching; Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision; European Mentoring and Coaching Council;) and these organisations are focusing on creating values and clarity in the system. Coaches can go through training by an approved association and become a certified member upon completion.

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